11:19 Europe/London September 8, 2010 by bwin Casino Blog

Many civilians have strong objections every time new casinos are built or are planned on being built. You can understand these objections to a point because casinos do indeed have a murky side (obviously I am talking about bricks and mortar casinos here). They do tend to attract people of a seedy nature but his has more to do with the hours that they operate more than what they actually are.

During my time in gaming I have met some seriously shady people from armed robbers, prostitutes, drug dealers and other types of criminal who call themselves “businessmen”. Then we have people who set out to cheat the casino which accounts for another set percentage. This is before we even get on to the subject of people who try to scam other people into either lending them money or giving them money.

If you show wealth inside a casino or any sort of winnings then you can rest assured that there will be people watching you. I have known people who were followed home and then robbed outside their own home after winning substantial amounts of money from a casino. You may be safe inside the casino but when you leave then it will often be the early hours of the morning and with no one around. I have been to many casinos where their own car park was a dimly lit multi-storey car park around the back.

In fact there was one instance where I myself was followed at about 4am in the morning after I had been playing blackjack. After substantiating that I was in fact being followed then I simply ran and didn’t stop until I had got back to the casino. Multi-storey car parks can be scary places to be at that time in the morning.