11:06 Europe/London October 6, 2009 by bwin Casino Blog

I recall a few years ago when I was using a stop watch to try and ascertain some kind of visual prediction on roulette. Even when I was in gaming, I found that I could control the ball in certain instances over others. I had immense frustration at not being able to do this all the time until something just sort of clicked one evening. It suddenly occured to me that I could control the ball better with my right hand than my left.

I was right handed so this made more sense, I had far greater feel at being able to not just control the ball but to spin the ball as well. I have never been very good with my left hand and my chip cutting with my left hand remained patchy even until the day I left the industry.

Roulette Wheels are not all the same, they may look the same but they are sort of like Snooker Tables, they look alike but each one has their own unique characteristics and the balls behave differently on one snooker table over another…..roulette wheels are like that. I then discovered that I could control the ball far better on some right handed wheels over others.

In fact, one or two of the pit bosses used to prevent me from dealing on the biggest table simply because I kept losing money on the smaller tables. In all their combined wisdom, not a single one of them ever realised that I was an absolute whiz on right handed tables and the biggest and largest denomination table in the club was a right handed table.

I never told the pit bosses simply because I never gave a damn, they would have just left me on the tables far longer than normal and I would have ended up working far harder for the same money. We didn’t get tips and we sure didn’t get any bonuses so it had little point to me. I had got past the stage of trying my hardest in order to get promotion as rightful promotions had come and gone several times. I then failed to buy into the spiel and the pep talk that the managers used to dish out.

I could have won them literally hundreds of thousands of pounds during my spell there had two criteria been met……A….they treated staff well enough and B…….I cared……..but seeing as B is linked to A then solving that was pretty easy and would have happened had they tried, but if they couldnt try then why should I?

Anyway….see you soon

Carl “The Dean” Sampson