13:17 Europe/London February 5, 2011 by bwin Casino Blog

I have maintained for years that roulette has been vulnerable and it is the 35/1 pay offs that make it so. Most people believe that those same pay offs are what makes the game unbeatable simply because no system can beat those odds. This is true but it also presumes that the game can only be approached by systems. It was true in the 1960’s when the great Ed Thorp was discussing ways to beat roulette using computers. The technology simply wasn’t there though during that era and this was the same during the 1970’s when a group of University students tried once again to make the theory work.

But once again they were let down by insufficient hardware and software at that time. I believe that it was tried again and exposed again during the 1980’s. However the latest news that a group of individuals took a casino for a large amount of money using computers with lasers comes as no surprise to me. I wrote in an article years ago how there simply had to be people even as we speak devising ways to beat roulette because roulette spins and roulette balls and wheels do have strong predictive qualities.

So roulette can be beaten……it cannot be beaten easily and in fact the process of beating roulette for people like us would be impossible because we simply do not have the proper knowledge and expertise……but there are many people out there that do have this expertise and all they have to do is point that expertise in the direction of roulette and the beating of it and some casino somewhere is going to be in a lot of trouble.